Personal | 2022 – 2023 Incrementum explores the interfaces between nature and the urban geography of East London. It contrasts and juxtaposes rigid, unmoving structures with the natural forms which are constantly fighting to reclaim their space in the landscape.

Malus Navis

2021 – Short Film – Director and 3D Lead – CG Supervision, Clouds, Rain FX, Water FX, Atmospherics, Lighting and Rendering Malus Navis is a short film worked on by a team of nine artists at Escape Studios over almost four months. As director I was responsible for the original concept and overall supervision ofContinue reading “Malus Navis”


2020 – Animated Short – 3D Lead – Character shader, FX, lighting and rendering Slushy is an animated short film worked on by a joint team of animators and VFX artists at Escape Studios over about three months. As 3D lead I was responsible for overseeing and managing the whole 3D pipeline, which involved closeContinue reading “Slushy”

Helicopter Flares

This was a personal project featuring a helicopter dropping countermeasure flares over desert terrain. A single fully CG shot with terrain elements and procedural rocks made in Houdini, flares created with the sparse pyro solver and rendered using Arnold.