About me

I’m Jamie Stokes, a VFX artist in London who’s been studying VFX for the last four years at Escape Studios, and is now working in London. I’ve worked on a variety of projects during this time ranging from animated pieces to live action short films, covering disciplines including 3D modeling, animation, FX, lighting, rendering and compositing. With a good understanding of the whole VFX pipeline, I now specialise in 3D VFX, specifically FX work using Houdini and rendering using Arnold.

What I Do

I have experience in a range of software packages, including:

Houdini – Knowledge of Flip, Pyro, Grains, Cloth and Particles, alongside knowledge of VEX and rendering using Mantra

Arnold – My main render engine, used in conjunction with Maya to render the majority of projects I’ve worked on

Maya – Modeling, scene assembly and layout, shading and lighting

Nuke – Cleanup, tracking, projections, CG compositing and integration, and color grading

3DE – Camera tracking/Matchmove

Other Work

As a hobby I enjoy getting out to do some photography, some of which can be seen here:



To get in touch or see more of my work, use the links below:

Email | Jamie Stokes

LinkedIn | Jamie Stokes

Instagram | Jamie DV Stokes

Vimeo | Jamie Stokes