Deforming Cloud Noise Tool

When working on a short film which needed some large scale, art direct-able storm cloud vortex elements, I began looking around for previous examples of similar effects and different techniques and approaches for this sort of thing. It was while looking for these I stumbled across a fantastic tutorial by John Kunz, showing off aContinue reading “Deforming Cloud Noise Tool”

Procedural Rock Generator

For a personal project I found myself creating simple rocks to be scattered onto a terrain. I found an excellent tutorial from Fabricio Chamon which outlined some techniques for creating a very detailed rocks using multiple layers of noise and some other techniques to mitigate some of common pitfalls when using noise to deform geometryContinue reading “Procedural Rock Generator”

Transferring Velocity Data From Houdini to Maya

As stated in the Arnold documentation: By default, MtoA will not motion blur an alembic cache of a mesh that has a changing topology. However, MtoA can use the velocity attribute as a source to derive motion blur data from a mesh that has a changing topology using a motion vector.  Using velocity data from a simulatedContinue reading “Transferring Velocity Data From Houdini to Maya”